The Journey

Building and improving your business is a journey best made with a clear understanding of the destination: long term success the way you define it.

Momenta’s Three-Step Process guides business owners and leaders as they define their operating system and improve operational effectiveness at every step along the journey.


As you eliminate operational inefficiency and minimize the wrong turns that consume resources, financial improvement and capacity for growth will result. At the same time, you will create an environment where everyone on your team knows where you’re going, what their role is and whether they’re being successful.


The outcome is a business that achieves momentum at every level.



Is everyone on your team aware of what creates value in the eyes of your customer? Does everyone understand how that value is created? And do they agree on what success looks like? 


Without awareness, understanding and agreement, costly rework and customer complaints occur and growth is not sustainable.


Momenta's Three step process will show you how to Learn to See how your business is performing to expectations, Learn to Solve for problems and improvement and Make and Sustain Change That your entire team will support allowing them to be successful and see the importance of their work.  


As your business grows, the need for a structured operating system also grows. Fractional leadership provides the skills and experience needed to define and improve the operating system on a part time basis.

A business in transition needs leadership to assure a successful transformation. Interim leadership provides the executive skills and leadership experience needed to navigate the transition without the long-term commitment.



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