Momenta's Three-Step Process

Learning to See 

  • Create the awareness throughout the business of what creates value and what does not. This requires defined goals for your business and a strategy to reach them.


  • Develop an understanding of how that value is delivered by establishing defined processes, standards of performance, and measurement systems that identify when the business is meeting expectations. 

  • Achieve the success you want when you reach agreement on the outcomes of your processes and make them measurable and repeatable.  


 Learning to Solve

  • Establish control of your processes through the application of various problem-solving tools to define changes that result in the outcome you expect.  Reducing costly rework and customer complaints requires fixing processes and making the results predictable.


  • Improve your processes by focused problem solving resulting in changes that achieve a different outcome.  This will reduce the waste that ties up your capital, time and equipment. This is the key to increasing your profitability and capacity for growth. 

Making and Sustaining Change


  • Making change requires the team to accept a different way of performing work.  This new way must be firmly embedded so that when issue do arise, the process no longer reverts back to “how we have always done it.” 

  • Sustaining change happens when the new process that achieves agreed upon outcomes ensures everybody on the team is successful. This results in a companywide culture of engagement and accountability.

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