Fractional Leadership


  • Every business reaches a point in their growth when operating systems and process disciplines become critical.  Without them, inefficiency thrives and growth stalls.  


  • Momenta can provide experienced executive leadership to establish an operating system that will support sustainable growth in your business on a part time basis. Fractional leadership is an affordable option to bring needed skills and experience into your business. 


  • We will also help define your long term operational leadership needs and facilitate finding a full time operational leader who can keep the momentum going.


Interim Leadership

  • Every business goes through transitions that require leadership.  This can be rapid growth, downsizing, technology shifts, leadership or ownership changes.


  • Momenta has extensive experience in business transformations and will provide interim executive leadership to assure business continuity.  Interim leadership is an effective way to provide the change leadership required without a long term commitment.  


  • We will support a successful transition to permanent executive leadership when the business is ready.


To learn more about how fractional or interim leadership can help you, please contact us.